Lady Gaga Inspired By Lily Allen


The pop singer Lady Gaga was inspired by Lily Allen to make her song “So happy I Could Die” in 2009 from her album “The Fame Monster”.

Lily said that she was having a dream to say about “Born This Way” star. She promoted Gaga and said that the track which was released in 2009 was a hit track and was made due to Lily.

Lily stated that she had a strange dream last night about Gaga. On that Gaga said that next time does not forget to take pictures so that she will see that also.Lily Allen

Lily is married with Sam Cooper and is expecting her second child. She further said that she hopes that it must not happen again and if she was not having her child she would have chop her self by bottle.

Gaga replied back that she also hopes that it would not happen again but if it happens so she must sing ‘So Happy I Could Die’.

Lily stopped her career due to her family in 2009 but now she is again return to do something with Pink at a secret show at Sony Studios.

Lily said she is happy to be back to perform feeling very easy and cannot wait anymore.

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