Lady Gaga: Losing Weight, Reducing Alcohol


The pop star Lady Gaga is busy in her tour for promoting her next album. She performed last in Amsterdam and Sydney and got a great attention from fans.

She has stated that she will not be taking alcohol from now because she is much relaxed with her situation of life.

Gaga is addicted of having alcohol in heavy proportion which is very harmful for her that makes her ill sometime during her concerts. Her decision was shared by her friends in Amsterdam.lady gaga weight

Gaga used to take alcoholic beverages because she is lover of alcohol but from now for her boyfriend Taylor Kinney she is going to leave it.

Gaga further said that she is not taking alcohol like before. Only a single glass is taken by her daily because she is not much upset now.

Gaga was determined to lose weight up to 10 kg in a month. She is on diet to achieve a perfect body to perform in Europe.

She is not only leaving this bad habit but also trying to reduce her weight. She will be removing her diet content which makes her fat that is much hard to do for her. She is very serious about her health and this step and has ordered her staff to give instruction to those places where she used to go to take care while serving her.

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