Lady Gaga on Vogue Cover Page in two Modes


Lady Gaga posed for the cover page of magazine Vogue with her shocking hairstyle wearing purple long dress showing her thin waist. The magazine will be available in September. Another video is released in which her looks are so unappealing showing her actual face.

Gaga’s skin is flat and her waist is very thin with her hair in a very odd tone. Lady Gaga is very proud on her beauty and says that she is a cover girl and she loves it. She keeps on sharing her photo to fans of any kind. Previously her video was leaked without clothes for which she was not embarrassed.

Gaga said about her hairstyle that she is totally challenging Fozzie Bear. Her photos are taken by photographers Mert and Marcus including her nude photos in which she is having a hat on her head only. Lady Gaga Vogue Cover

Photos on the cover page of any magazine are always edited and are given a fine touch. Some pictures of Gaga are also seen on magazine with her fabulous look in purple.

In the photos seen on web the two different image of Gaga is shown that is before and after editing. The edited picture is very fine with her thin waist while the other showing her worst reality face.

Her hair cut is changed in both the photos and also the color of her dress from pink to purple. It is the great results of photos retouched very nicely.

The interesting thing is that Vogue itself posted both the images of Gaga and showed the whole making in magazine cover story. Everyone is so shocked to see the images and hoping that every celebrity must not have look like this.

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