Lady Gaga’s Foundation Launches Youth Advisory Board


Lady Gaga’s charity has launched a Youth Advisory Board. The Born This Way Foundation invited 24 young people aged between 17 and 23 to Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles for a three-day meeting to discuss how to create a peaceful environment in the world.

The foundation that is launched by Gaga’s charity is basically helps to enhance young people by giving them facilities so they can bring a change in their life.

The president of the foundation is Gaga’s mother Cynthia stated that the aim of the board is to build strength, creativity and power to make decision amoung youth. The foundation will provise them each facility that will be most important to them.lady gaga Foundation Youth Advisory Board

She further said that the working of the youth will make the world a better and happy place to live in, their work will lead to development. Gaga and her mother have a strong vision to make steps for the foundation by the youth. The youth will be helped by the foundation to be brave nation of America.

The meeting consists of groups of people who will support in their difficult work and to deal with the problems faced by them during the challenges.
The new staff of the youth advisory board will signify the perspective of other people their age.

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