Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress in Exhibition


Lady Gaga finally wore her meat dress which is dried and preserved to make a part of exhibition stating it is for the woman who has vision, passion and strong confidence in her life.

The exhibition was of the female singers who made the music world fantastic by their work and Gaga was the first rocking lady.

The dress which Lady Gaga wore at music award function was fully made of raw beef but actually was looking like original. It was attractive to people because it was highlighted in a very special manner with the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”.meat dress lady gaga

On some matter Gaga stated that people in our country do not raise hands for their right and with the passing time the situation will be like meat on our bones because that is in large proportion, and she is not a piece of meat.

Gaga’s meat dress will be shown separately like the Madonna’s dress from her Blonde Ambition tour. On Friday it will be shown in the US capital along with the fox fur dress by Billie Holiday and also the boots by Patti Smith.

Two years back Gaga wore it on MTV Music Award show and everyone got astonished in Los Angeles and now it will be the part of an exhibition on women singers at Washington’s National Museum of Women in the Arts. The exhibition will remain till January 6, 2013 and then it will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska, Seattle, Washington.

Special work is done and chemicals are applied on the dress to make its look fresh. Many other things will be shown related to other artists.
The other objects will be red jacket worn by Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, dresses worn by The Supremes, a Jean-Paul Gauthier gown worn by Madonna, a handwritten notebook that belonged to Janis Joplin and a guitar belonging to Taylor Swift.

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