Lady Gaga’s Rocking Concert


Gaga is busy in giving her performances as she is on her tour. She performed at Sydney making the environment se enjoyable for the people who were there and making them to dance.

Gaga gave her entrance on bike with her fellows in her purple sexy dress with open hair. Gaga’s concert are rating high in every. Te most interesting fact was in her Sydney’s concert was that they were unique while giving performance in suburban stadium.

Her fans are always on her concert to watch her best live because they have trust that she will give a special. And it raises her level from bottom to very high.lady gaga concert

Lady Gaga is going to launch her new perfume at New York’s Guggenheim Museum after UK. The perfume is of black color and everyone is buying that. It is a very unique idea that was given by Gaga to the cosmetics company who made it possible to increase her fame.

While performing in Sydney she said that they all are her tonight put all your cameras down have a great attention.
She hosted the night and told about her perfume also and she used that on night also. She made a blast on Sydney concert and the crowd was getting mad.

It is very strange that she made the crowd attentive at herself. Her body guards were with her on the concert. Her looks were enough fabulous that made her fans mad at her. Her designer is awesome which knows how to make her appealing before the audience. Gaga’s theme and her style is unique that makes her confident and strong on her each performance.

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