Lady Gaga’s World’s first Black Perfume


The pop star Lady Gaga refused to sign the deal with Cosmetics Company to make her own perfume. If she would get agree then Coty Beauty will be making Gaga’s perfume of black color and that will be the first product in world.

The Paparazzi wanted to make it in front of world because it will increase her fame towards her fans.

Gaga stated to Vogue magazine that she do not wants to make it first because she actually wants to create that becomes unique to others.
She further said that once a person smell should have really different views about it.Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Lady Gaga’s new perfume ad shows her muddy in sloppy egg yolk and thick, black tar, is said to be based on the pop star’s own body scent.

The perfume is named as Fame and is black in color. Its look is scary but the smell is tempting. Gaga’s idea of perfume of this kind has made tension for the company and the whole team who are working on it.

The Vice President to the Company Yael Tuil stated that she was pregnant at the time when she came to know about Gaga’s idea and she began to sweat that how it is possible it is a very difficult task to do indeed.

Gaga is tension free and the team is under pressure and are busy in the process so that others cannot copy them in any case. Tuil has given credit to Gaga for her unique thought and for the encouragement given to them. She told that from the last 20 years she was making plans to make the best one for the world.

Gaga admitted that she was not expecting that the Coty Beauty Company will be able to make the perfume which she planned but it happened. And now planning for the ad of “Fame” like Gaga is without her clothes completely and a man in crawling position came closer to her hiding her diffidence.

Gaga said that she really wants to make the ad different of all time and do not want to consider anyone’s complain. This time she wants to do of what she dreamed about. She is very excited about her perfume.

She does not believe that she has made her dream come true as she is taking many steps towards her success by working together with the company.

Gaga says she sampled her bodily fluids while creating the spray so it would have the smell of an “expensive hooker” and “blood, sweat and semen”.

The perfume is getting very famous in US as it came to stores o 12th Aug. The perfume includes honey with apricot nectar.

The Poker Face hit maker announced on Saturday that she would be making a special appearance in Harrods in October. Meanwhile droves of British fans have stated to Twitter to affirm they won’t buy it because they fear it will “literally smell like s***”.

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