Students, Ravens Movement for Lady Gaga to Visit Perry Hall Shooting Victim


Perry Hall High School is for the students who are given education living in severe situation. A campaign was arranged for the students from Lady Gaga to make their spirits strong on Monday.

The media was also present sat Charm City Cakes along with the Ravens players. As Daniel Borowy, a special education student at Perry Hall was in serious condition; his friends took to the Internet for cheerfulness to get his favorite singer to come visit him in the hospital.

Their movement actually reached to the group of right people. The request was posted on Twitter by his friends. Daniel is a huge fan of the star. According to his classmates, he keeps a suitcase packed, just in case he can ever get to California and ask her to marry him.Lady Gaga Visit Perry Hall

Tyler stated in email that the story of Daniel touched deeply to heart as Gaga is out of country for a long tour otherwise she would be here with him. He is helped by the team and it is hoped that Gaga will also send something to him.

Tyler felt the story because he works against anti-bullying from very long time. He had created a band for it whose concert was held in NYC last month.

He said that he have seen many fans of Gaga but not like Daniel before. He have sympathy with him and he will be helped further because he is the advocate of anti-bullying.

He told that something is for him from Gaga but do not assured of any kind of help. Almost overnight, hundreds of people have stated on the appeal, and it’s still trending this morning, even with no acknowledgement on Twitter from Gaga.

Though the attempt started with Daniel’s classmates, it quickly reached to their parents and friends of the family, to local reporters and even to a few Baltimore Ravens like Bernard Pollard and Torrey Smith, who promised he’d encourage more teammates to tweet the message.

Tyler said that he will make efforts about to tell the story further around the world as he chose the correct way to get help.

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